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LIDERE meets with Delegation of Women Entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan 18.10.2016.

We are thankful to Līga Meņģelsone, Aiva Vīksna, Lilita Bērziņa, Jana Zubricka, Ivonna Ķezbere, Zane Ozola and Ilze Švāne for participation.

You can read the interview with our Lilita Bērziņa in October issue (No.19 (391)) of magazine BILANCE. We are proud!

LĪDERE 13th Expedition to Roja and Kolka, July 12 and 13

We are thankful to Mārīte Šperberga and Sarma Mateika for organizing this event.

Meeting with Delegation of Entrepreneurs from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, 08.06.2016.

Entrepreneurs and representatives of public administration from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine visited Latvia to exchange their experience and to gain information on Latvian business environment, state support to entrepreneurship promotion and examples of good practice.

We are thankful to Inese Novada for invitation to participate in this interesting discussion.

We are thankful to Tatjana Titareva, Solvita Kabakova, Nataļja Sterhova, Ilze Švāne and Ilona Beizītere for participation.

The meeting on women's rights and gender equality issues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 07.06.2016.

       Women's rights and gender equality is one of the priorities of Latvia in terms of participation in international human rights organizations, including the UN Human Rights Council, in which Latvia is elected for a term until 2017.
       Ministry of Foreign Affairs in close cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare constantly updates these issues internationally, including the regular organization of thematic events.
       The meeting was held with representatives of NGOs in order to promote participation of non-governmental sector in achieving the common objectives internationally in 07.06.2016. Board Member Lilita Bērziņa represented LIDERE.

LĪDERE Board Election, 19.05.2016.

Our confidence in the new Board Members. Congratulations!
Mārīte Šperberga, Aiva Vīksna, Jana Zubricka, Lilita Bērziņa, Santa Purgaile, Māra Špicberga.

Thank you for your time and energy -
Zane Ozola, Līga Meņģelsone, Ilze Švāne, Inese Novada.

Next level. All together!

Our warm greetings are for Iecava Women's Club Liepas on its 15th Anniversary, 07.05.2016.

LIDERE Annual General Meeting, 31.03.2016.


       Thank you Lilita Bērziņa for participation and sharing your story with other women - we are sure that was inspiring!

       Photo - Anita Gaile.

LIDERE at National Library of Latvia, 03.02.2016.

Association’s LIDERE 13th Anniversary

       Association LIDERE celebrates its 13th anniversary this year. Really beautiful and rich mosaic has been developed during these years. Every single piece of it has its own story. Here we have the brightest ones:
  • Association LIDERE is the one who works with the support and encouragement of new entrepreneurs;
  • Actively and frequently runs direct support for entrepreneurs organizing mentoring programmes;
  • Creates and conducts different support programmes for entrepreneurs regularly;
  • Participates in development and experience exchange events, successfully organizing international conferences;
  • Attracts and encourages new members.
        On February 3rd 2016, which is the anniversaries date of the Association LIDERE, its members gather for the first meeting this year. During this event future plans will be identified and new goals set having different shape of activities to be run for the new year, but keeping the main aspect in the scope which is support of entrepreneurship in Latvia.

       Follow to the latest updates on www.lidere.lv and www.facebook.com/lidere.lv/.

       Photo - Mosaic Signboard designed by "Kabinetto Mosaic Studio".


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