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       September 24, 2014. To celebrate women entrepreneurs and to encourage women's solidarity the Member of European Parliament, Mrs.Sandra Kalnietehas announced her award for small and medium-size women business owners.
       The competition is organized in cooperation with the association LÎDERE, the official partner and co-organizer – ”Dzintars”, JSC, the informative partner of competition – magazine ”Ieva”. It is the fifth year of this award.
       Women – business owners or third parties – public bodies, local municipalities, business organizations or professional associations, legal or individual persons - can submit the applications.
       The deadline for submitting applications and letters – November 7, 2014.
       All of the applicants from Riga and all regions of Latvia received warm invitation from Mrs.Kalniete to attend the Award Ceremony, held in Riga, December 22, 2014.
       Inese Kunakova from Riebiòi has won the main prize and top 10 applicants received Mrs. Kalniete’s invitation to visit Brussels. It will be an opportunity for them to get acquainted with European Parliament and other EU institutions work.

       Photo and video from Award Ceremony: http://failiem.lv/u/lcmifqc

Mentoring programme for entrepreneurs (2014/2015) organized by association LIDERE

       Association LIDERE has announced the application for the participation in mentoring programme for entrepreneurs (2014/2015). In the framework of programme young entrepreneurs will be able to receive advice and support from mentors – experienced entrepreneurs.

       The aim of the programme is to foster the development of entrepreneurship in Latvia.

       Mentoring in entrepreneurship is systematically built relationships based on long-term and voluntary support from the successful entrepreneurs with experience, who share their knowledge, experience and beliefs to new entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to gain experience from these exchanges and enhance their competence.

       Applying for the participation in the programme was closed on September 01, 2014.
       Selection interviews of mentees’ candidates took place from August 04 to September 05, 2014.
       Duration of mentoring programme is 1 year (12 months); co-operation with mentors has started in October, 2014 and it is scheduled to conclude the mentoring programme in September, 2015.

       The opening event of Mentoring programme for entrepreneurs (2014/2015) took place in October 08, 2014, in Riga, RISEBA, Meþa Street 1.

       First Competence Improvement Workshop took place in December 05, 2014, in Riga, RISEBA, Meþa Street 1.

    Photo:    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set



       The competition of business ideas “Jump into business!” organized by Latvian Development Financial Institution ALTUM ended in January, 2014 and the winners are announced who will receive awards of competition - co-operation with business mentors and additional money prize to implement their business ideas.
       The five best business plan authors will receive a money prize of EUR 1422,87 (LVL 1000) for the realization of their business ideas and possibility to co-operate with business mentor, the next five - EUR 711,44 (LVL 500), and possibility to co-operate with business mentor, but a further 20 applicants will be able to work together with business mentors who will share their experience, knowledge and contacts. Co-operation with mentors will be organized by association LIDERE in co-operation with Junior Chamber International Latvia.
       Duration of mentoring process is 10 months; co-operation with mentors will start in April, 2014 and it is scheduled to conclude the mentoring process in November, 2014.

       Main activities in the framework of mentoring process:
  • Informative workshop before commencement of the mentoring process - February 21, 2014 in Riga

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  • Applying for the participation in the mentoring process – deadline: March 3, 2014
  • Interviews with mentees’ candidates – 04.03.2014.-14.03.2014.
  • Forming of the pairs of co-operation – 17.03.2014.-21.03.2014.
  • Opening Event – March 28, 2014 in Riga

         Photo:    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.651060234941274.1073741832.342988512415116&type=1

  • Individual meetings of co-operation pairs (at least once in month) – April – November, 2014
  • Conclusion Event – November 21, 2014 in Riga

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