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       September 11, 2013. To celebrate women entrepreneurs and to encourage women's solidarity the Member of European Parliament, Mrs.Sandra Kalnietehas announced her award for small and medium-size women business owners.
       The competition is organized in cooperation with the association LĪDERE, the official partner and co-organizer – ”Dzintars”, JSC, the informative partner of competition – magazine ”Ieva”. It is the fourth year of this award.
       Women – business owners or third parties – public bodies, local municipalities, business organizations or professional associations, legal or individual persons - can submit the applications.
       The deadline for submitting applications and letters – October 25, 2013.
       All of the applicants from Riga and all regions of Latvia received warm invitation from Mrs.Kalniete to attend the Award Ceremony, held in Riga, December 19, 2013.
       Biruta Čamāne from Ilūkste has won the main prize and top 16 applicants received Mrs. Kalniete’s invitation to visit Brussels. It will be an opportunity for them to get acquainted with European Parliament and other EU institutions work.

       Photo and video from Award Ceremony:http://failiem.lv/u/ntphbkq


       05.12.2013. LĪDERE continues its initiative – 7th meeting took place.
       Association LĪDERE offers the initiative - to complement our existing mentoring programme for entrepreneurs with an activity - "Mentoring Round Table" - a one mentee’s meeting with a group of mentors who could brainstorm on mentees questions.
       The mentee who received this support was Baiba Rēdēre– creator and owner of fashion brand Woocoon.
       We are very grateful to mentors who participated in the meeting and shared their ideas, advice and experience – members of LĪDERE: Zane Ozola, Jana Zubricka and Iveta Ludviga, as well as experienced entrepreneurs, who act as mentors in mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs organized by LĪDERE – Linda Miezīte and Marika Ģederte.

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       The competition of business ideas “Jump into business!” organized by Mortgage Bank ended in January, 2013 and the winners are announced who will receive awards of competition - co-operation with business mentors and additional money prize to implement their business ideas.
       The five best business plan authors will receive a money prize of 1,000 LVL for the realization of their business ideas and possibility to co-operate with business mentor, the next five - 500 LVL, and possibility to co-operate with business mentor, but a further 20 applicants will be able to work together with business mentors who will share their experience, knowledge and contacts. Co-operation with mentors will be organized by association LIDERE in collaboration with Junior Chamber International Latvia .
       Duration of mentoring process is 10 months; co-operation with mentors will start in April, 2013 and it is scheduled to conclude the mentoring process in November, 2013.

       Main activities in the framework of mentoring process:
  • Informative workshop before commencement of the mentoring process - February 22, 2013 in Riga;

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  • Applying for the participation in the mentoring process – deadline: March 1, 2013;
  • Interviews with mentees’ candidates – 04.03.2013.-15.03.2013.
  • Forming of the pairs of co-operation – 18.03.2013.-22.03.2013.
  • Opening Event – April 4, 2013 in Riga;

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  • Individual meetings of co-operation pairs (at least once in month) – April – November, 2013;

  • August 8, 2013 - Opening Event of BURBUĻNĪCA. One more nice place in Riga to visit. Congratulations!

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  • Competence Improving Workshop - September 18, 2013 in Riga;

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  • Conclusion Event – November 15, 2013 in Riga.


Journalist from Germany visited Latvia

       25.09.2013. Please listen and read here: http://www.dradio.de/dkultur/sendungen/weltzeit/2264731/.

       14.08.2013. Aiva Viksna, Chairperson of the Board of the Association LIDERE and Zane Ozola, Board Member of the Association have got a meeting with Michael Frantzen, journalist from "Deutschlandradio Kultur", Germany.
       During the interview, the journalist asked about women in business and top positions in Latvia and tried to find out the reasons why the women from Latvia in terms of performance is much more encouraging than in Europe.


       16.08.2013. Latvian Business and Professional Women's Association BWP LATVIA RIGA invited their supporters and co-operation partners from all over Europe to the 20th anniversary celebration.
       Association in these 20 years has contributed to its members' professional development, creativeness development, valuable learning experience, high work standards in business and profession, personality development and positive self-esteem building, as well as the equality of women in all matters of life. These are common values shared by LIDERE members as well.
       BPW LATVIA RIGA is a part of BPW International Organization and participates in Latvian Women NGO network.
       Therefore, the association LIDERE representatives with great pleasure attended the Jubilee Conference to be together with friendly organization. Aiva Viksna , chairperson of association LIDERE expressed greetings and good wishes to BPW LATVIA RIGA from all LIDERE members.
       There were a lot of guests and well-wishers both locally and internationally and LIDERE representatives especially enjoyed the re-integration with a long cooperation partners - Tuulikki Jusela from Finland and Virve Poom from Estonia, as well as new friends were made from Germany, Norway, Switzerland, France and other European countries.
       Our special greetings on this important anniversary go to Rudite Kise, a long-time president of BPW LATVIA RIGA and Irena Hadanonoka , member of BPW LATVIA RIGA and experienced mentor participating in mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs organized by LIDERE.
       We wish BPW LATVIA RIGA to continue the good works both national and international level for next long years.

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EQUALITY PAYS OFF advocate for Latvia

       05.08.2013. Aiva Viksna, Chairperson of the Board of Association LIDERE is officially acknowledged as EU-initiative EQUALITY PAYS OFF national advocate for Latvia.

       Detailed information on the initiative: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/gender-equality/equality-pays-off/women-mean-business/quotations/index_en.htm.


       09.07.2013.-10.07.2013. This July brought most expected summer event - the LIDERE 10th expedition. In the middle members of LIDERE went to Zemgale to enjoy the beautiful Latvian sites – Rundāle Castle, Tērvete Nature Park, Vecauce Castle and to meet local business owners in Auce and Tērvete.
       The expeditions every year are organized by Mārīte Šperberga, association’s LIDERE Vice Chairperson of the Board, but this time participants of expedition were able to enjoy the hospitality of Aija Vežuka, Member of LIDERE.
       The first day of the expedition was filled with joy, surprises and impressions – visits to Rundāle Castle, Tērvete Nature Park and Vecauce Castle.
       On the second day participants visited companies in Auce and Tērvete - "Tehnika Auce", Ltd (horizontal and vertical band saws, blades for wood and metal cutting, metalwork), "Dienvidi Plus" (sea buckthorn farm and various products containing sea buckthorn), Ltd, “EK Auce", Ltd (sewing company, Aija is a co-owner of the company) and Tērvete Brewery. Finally we admired the replica of Tērvete ancient Castle and before going home enjoyed a meal in the Pūteļi pub.
       We are very grateful to Aija for hosting these two remarkable days and we look forward to future expeditions that will bring a lot of new information and positive energy!

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       25.06.2013. Association LIDERE is very grateful to Irēna Hadaņonoka, experienced mentor participating in mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs organized by LIDERE for the donation to the further implementation of the programme in Latvia.


       The organiser of contest - Daugavpils District Council invited competent lecturer from association LIDERE Māra Špicberga to visit Daugavpils to share her experience and knowledge with participants of contest – emerging entrepreneurs.
       Workshop took place on May 7, 2013 in Daugavpils City Council, Daugavpils, Riga Street 2 and participants had opportunity to listen lecture on „Teamwork” by Māra.

       More information on the competition - Daugavpils City Council www.dnd.lv.

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CONFERENCE IN DUBLIN, April 29-30, 2013

       The Irish Presidency has organized a conference on gender equality "Women’s Economic Engagement and the Europe 2020 Agenda," which is funded and supported by the European Commission.
       Zanda Raciborska, project manager of association LIDERE attended the conference.

       Detailed information on the conference and the presentations- http://www.genderequality.ie/.

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       20.03.2013. Zanda Raciborska, project manager of association LIDERE took part in Gender Equality Committee meeting by Ministry of Welfare and explained the most important results and conclusions of the research "Women in Entrepreneurship 2012”which was carried out in the collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Opinion Research Institute "Latvian Facts".
       Daiga Kiopa, Member of the Board of Lursoft Ltd also attended the meeting and reported on the representation of women in company boards and business in Latvia.


       Māra Špicberga, Management consultant, Trainer, Partner at JARDI. Partners and LIDERE member visited Riga Technical University, Students’ Club who are interested in Business and gave lectures on “Leadership Skills” in March 6, 2013 and on „Teamwork” in March 20, 2013.


       The rally of this year took place in 8th of March - International Women's Day.
       LIDERE Team – Lilta Bezina, Ginta Rumba and Zane Podina – were carefully prepared for the events –there was special team car and team and car was equipped with identification marks.
       The rally was playful and feminine and 400 crews were intended to participate in the rally.
       LIDERE team participated in the rally first time and most important target was not only to fight for first place, but to gain positive emotions in this event.
       We are very proud of our team - crew crossed the finish line as 327 out of 400 crews! Team has gained valuable experience and members of team intent to participate in the event next year!

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Members of LIDERE inspire women in Gulbene

       28.02.2013. Business Incubator in Gulbene organized creative and inspirational event for ladies called "She's ..."
       Aiva Viksna, Chairperson of the Board of Association LIDERE gave the inspirational speech in the event and Ilze Garanca, owner of the company Taste CAPS! told her story on the establishment of her own company.
       The participants admitted that the event was very inspiring and interesting.

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