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European Enterprise Award 2011 Competition at National level has ended

       14.12.2010. – The European Commission’s Competition European Enterprise Award 2011 has ended at national level.

       The winners, who are nominated for participation in competition at European level are: the project of association “LIDERE” - "Mentoring programme for entrepreneurs" in the category " Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit " and the project of JSC "Latvian State Forests" - "Do not litter in the forest!" in the category " Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship."

Association LIDERE with the support of the Ministry of Economics hosted the workshop for small and medium businesses

Informative Supporters:


       In order to support the young entrepreneurs – participants of mentoring programmes, members and partners of the association, LIDERE with the support of the Ministry of Economics hosted the workshop, and one of the essential component of event was the exchange of contacts - fair.
       There were represented the products and services of former, present and future participants of mentoring programmes, as well as members and partners of association LIDERE participated in the event.

       The event took place on 3rd December at the School of Business Administration Turiba, Riga. The organisers are grateful to the more than 136 event participants and visitors. See you in other similar events in the future!

       31.05.2010. - Aiva Viksna, chairperson of the association LIDERE has received an invitation from Lolita Pankova, representative of “Finpro” in Latvia to participate in a meeting with Finnish business women delegation from South Karelia.

       The meeting took place in the Finnish Embassy in Latvia and Finnish Ambassador Mrs. Maria Serenius gave opening speech.

       Aiva Viksna gave the presentation on subject “Women and Entrepreneurship in Latvia”. The guests had the opportunity to meet Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere and to learn the success story of the company "Madara Cosmetics”. Lolita Pankova presented the general economic situation in Latvia and covered the topic on Finnish and Latvian business co-operation.

       Guests from Finland had planned to visit company "Latvijas Balzams" in the next day of visit.

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       28.05.2010. - Aiva Viksna, chairperson of the association LIDERE gave the presentation on issue “Attraction of Clients” for small and medium-size entrepreneurs in Roja. There were 24 participants from Roja, Dundaga, Talsi and Ventspils.

       This meeting was organised by Ingrida Makinska, former participant of mentoring programme for entrepreneurs organized by LIDERE and active supporter of interests of small and medium-size entrepreneurs in Kurzeme region.

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       28.05.2010. - The workshop "MARKETING. FRESH START" took place in Riga for the participants of 2009/2nd and 2010/1st mentoring programme for entrepreneurs. The chair of the workshop was Eriks Volosovskis, Board Chairperson of Advertising Agency Ideju fabrika.

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        2010/1st mentoring programme for entrepreneurs has commenced 26.03.2010. in Riga. This programme will be realised with informational support of business newspaper “Dienas bizness”. 12 couples of entrepreneurs will co-operate during this programme to February 2011. 11 experienced entrepreneurs and 15 mentees have started work together within new programme. All of the new entrepreneurs have started their own business and they want to develop it.

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in co-operation with

       12.03.2010. - 15.10.2010. - NGO’s "LIDERE", "ICF (International Coach Federation), Latvia", "Come and do!" and State Employment Agency of the Ministry of Welfare have launched the joint project "Career mentoring and coaching”. In the framework of project 15 active unemployed persons will receive the advice of mentor or coach consultations with an aim to create their own company or career changing and development.
       12.03.2010. All Parties have signed the Co-operation Agreement and 15.03.2010. competition was launched for application for participation in the project. Partners of the project received 42 applications and 15 motivated and active unemployed persons were selected and they will continue to co-operate with mentors and coaches in the second - practical operational phase of the project, which officially started in 16.04.2010. and co-operation will last for 6 months.

     Photo - Signing of the Co-operation Agreement, 12.03.2010.:     1    2    3    4   

     Photo - Official Lauch of the Co-opereation among Participants of the Project, 16.04.2010.:     1    2    3    4    5    6   

       17.02.2010. - 30.04.2010. To celebrate women entrepreneurs and to encourage women's solidarity the Members of European Parliament, Mrs. Sandra Kalniete has announced her award for small and medium-size business owners.
       Association “LIDERE” helped to realize the contest technically - registered applications and co-ordinated the jury’s work. The Chairperson of the Association Aiva Vîksna acted as the jury’s chairperson.
       26.03.2010. the acceptance of applications was completed and 27 applications were received. All of the applicants from Riga and all regions of Latvia received warm invitation from Mrs.Kalniete to attend the award ceremony, held in Riga, 30.04.2010.
       Vija Ancane, the owner of bakery “Aglona Bread” Ltd and director of “Museum of Bread” has won the main prize and each applicant received Mrs. Kalniete’s invitation to visit Brussels. It will be an opportunity for them to get acquainted with European Parliament and other EU institutions work.

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       The 2009/1st Mentoring Programme for entrepreneurs has been closed 19.03.2010. in Riga.
       The programme had started in April 2009 and lasted for one year. This programme was realised by association “LIDERE” and with informational support of business newspaper “Dienas bizness”. Mentees (young entrepreneurs who are going to establish their own enterprise or have got their own enterprise no longer than 3 years) have got the opportunity to co-operate with mentors to get the advice of experienced entrepreneur during the programme.
       21 participants – 10 mentees from Riga, Jekabpils, Jurmala, Iecava and Roja and 11 mentors – had started to participate in the 2009/1st mentoring programme and formed 10 pairs of co-operation.
       During the programme 6 participants have developed their enterprises, 1 participant has established her own company, 1 participant has become self-employed person and 1 participant has suspended the economical activity of the enterprise.
       To the question “Has mentoring programme satisfied your expectations?” 57 % of respondents answered that programme fully satisfied their expectations and 43 % of respondents answered that programme partly satisfied their expectations.
       Practical skills, moral support, information, experience and new business contacts are mentioned as most positive aspects of programme. Lack of time and distance between mentor’s and mentee’s location are mentioned as negative factors.

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       Mid-Seminar for 2009/2nd mentoring programme for entrepreneurs has hold 26.02.2010. in Riga. Mentees presented the co-operation with their mentors during 6 months.
       6 teams of mentors and mentees work together within this programme. 4 pairs have terminated their professional relationship due to differet reasons.
       Young entrepreneurs in collaboration with their mentors during the semester have realized the goals and tasks, analyzed their existing business opportunities in difficult economic situation. Even one new company is established!

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       Riga, 23.02.2010. - At the invitation of the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Emmy award-winning former ABC news producer and author A’Lelia Bundles participated in a video conference with Latvian women and gender studies students to discuss the economic empowerment of women. Association "LIDERE" received kind invitation from the Embassy to participate in the discussion and some of the members took this opportunity.
       Bundles spoke about the experiences of her grandmother, a businesswoman, who became the first American of African descent to earn a million dollars.
       Bundles is a former journalist, who worked as a news producer for the news of one of the major U.S. television networks – ABC. She is also the author of a book about her great-great-grandmother, Madam CJ Walker, a daughter of freed slaves who created a large and successful hair care products business.
       U.S. Ambassador to Latvia Judith Garber introduced the speaker and participated in the discussion.

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       Seven years ago eight women entrepreneurs and professionals established the non-governmental organization LIDERE. Currently the association unites more than 40 individual members from all country representing businesses in publishing, tourism, business consultancy, insurance, landscape architecture, language teaching, construction and other fields of business. From 2005 association has got representative organization in Rezekne – Club Sentio (unites more than 16 individual members).
       Since the first days of existence Association has implemented the main idea: to encourage people to start their own business. Therefore, each year the exploration “Women in Entrepreneurship” was conducted, the project “LET’S EXCHANGE EXPERIENCE” was realized, several conferences for entrepreneurs were organized and bulletin for Latvian women entrepreneurs “LIDERE” was issued.
       This is the main reason why five years ago “LIDERE” has started to realize mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs. During these five years “LIDERE” has carried out 10 mentoring programmes with a total number of participants - 246: 120 mentors and 126 mentees (213 women and 33 men). Acting in the programme, many new entrepreneurs have acquired new ideas, partners and understand how important it is to be together and to co-operate.
       The number of applications received supports this information – there are 4 candidates for the one place in the programme. LIDERE is launching 11th programme by the end of March and already receiving applications for the 12th program, which will start in autumn.
       LIDERE does not stop at the achieved and is ready to do a lot more for support of micro and small entrepreneurs in Latvia. Last year, association in collaboration with the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) has made proposals to government on micro and small business start-up and development. The proposals were drawn up, based on survey carried out during which the responses gave more than 230 Latvian micro and small business leaders. The survey responses were collated in proposals for micro and small business start-up and development. Prepared proposals were submitted to the Ministry of Economics. It has made its contribution for micro and small business support program creation in Latvia.
       LIDERE is also one of the organisations that responded to Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) proposal to establish Small and Medium Entrepreneurs’ (SMEs) Co-operation Platform and it is one of active members of this Platform.

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       28.01.2010. - The workshop "HOW SMALL BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE THROUGH THE CRISIS" took place in Riga for the participants of 2009/1st and 2009/2nd mentoring programme for entrepreneurs. The chair of the workshop was Natalija Jakovleva, co-owner of Reaton, Ltd.

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       21.01.2010. - The European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities has launched a knowledge-sharing initiative called "Restructuring in Europe: 27 national seminars" run by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO).
       This project aims to identify and analyse policies and measures adopted by the 27 EU Member States to anticipate and manage restructuring.
       National seminar in Latvia will take place in Riga and association “LIDERE” is invited to participate in it.


       All the January we are going to meet new entrepreneurs who have applied for 2010/1st mentoring programme for entrepreneurs – we have received 27 new applications and we are going to re-examine 15 from previous programmes, totally - 42 applications.
       2010/1st mentoring programme will start the work in March 2010, but now it is possible to apply for 12th (2010 / 2nd) mentoring programme, which we are going to start in August 2010. Deadline for submission of applications - 28.05.2010. We will invite applicants for interviews in June 2010.


       06.01.2010. – Meeting of “LIDERE” members and Association “GAUJAS PARTNERSHIP” took place in Adazi. That was initiative of Deputy Chairperson of Board of Association “LIDERE” Marite Sperberga and member of “LIDERE” Inga Skrauce.
       It was the first meeting of two associations and during the discussion participants searched ways of possible future co-operation; Chairperson of Board of Association “LIDERE” Aiva Viksna introduced friends in Adazi with mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs organised by “LIDERE” and opportunities for young entrepreneurs also participate in these programmes.

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