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“Labour Market And Entrepreneurship Overcoming Gender Stereotypes”

Association of Organizations of Mediterranean Business Women AFAEMME starts to implement project “Labour Market and Entrepreneurship Overcoming Gender Stereotypes” that is granted by the European Commission.

AFAEMME implements projects in partnership with important organizations in Eastern Europe - KARAT
, WAD - Women’s Alliance for Development (Bulgaria) and SEGE, Greek association of Women Entrepreneurs (Greece) and with several informative supporters including the association “Lidere”. The main objectives of this project are to improve the understanding of the issues underlying gender equality and equal opportunities in the fields of employment and entrepreneurship in this area of Europe, to strengthen gender equality and businesswomen organisations and their active partnership in influencing decision makers on social and economic policy, and to improve the general economic status of women. The project foresees the production of 12 national studies (Lithuania, Estonia, Czech.Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Malta and Cyprus) which will assess the impact of EU Employment Strategy on the situation of women in the new EU Members states and candidate countries and case studies of a typical businesswoman in those countries relating to gender stereotypes in the labour market and entrepreneurship, with concrete policy recommendations addressed to European Commission and national governments. The publication will be launched at a large scale European conference in Brussels in December 2005.

AFAEMME: http://www.afaemme.org
KARAT Coalition: http://www.karat.org
WAD: http://www.women-bg.org/index_en.html


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