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Partner meeting August 18-20, Estonia

Estonian NGO SME Network System is implementing project “Enhancing and Networking of Women Entrepreneurs across Borders. The aim of the project is to support and encourage women entrepreneurs by providing international contacts and specially designed training; to enlarge network between women entrepreneurs. Target area: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland; through the mentor-movement to help women who have recently started with entrepreneurship; create an attraction for Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian women entrepreneurship and networking movement and creating new cross border contacts by organizing “OSAVAD NAISED - WOMEN SKILLS” Fair in Valga, Estonia based on similar experience in Finland and Scandinavian countries, other European countries and Estonia..

The project is implemented in partnership with Valga Town Government, Valka Town Council, Valga County Government, NGO ETNA Estonia, The Association of Rural Women in Latvia, the association Lidere, The Central Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Finland and Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Agency.

There were 3rd partner meeting in August 18.-20. in Estonia during which were discussed several themes. The central theme of the meeting was different experience regarding mentoring of partners enchained in the project. The association “Lidere” was represented by Aiva Viksna, Erika Darzina un Rita Baronina.

Meeting report you can read there.


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