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The goal of the association Līdere is to promote mentoring in Latvia; support women entrepreneurs in the cities and rural areas of Latvia; increase women density in the foundation of accomplished companies and in the creation of new workplaces; provide free access to information and possibility to recieve advises.


1. Increase women self-confidence, create favourable environment for foundation of new enterprises;
2. Co-ordinate the process of businesswomen work, clarify difficulties and provide solutions;
3. Create a network of co-ordination, information and consultation, that could be used by women in the Latvian cities and rural areas;
4. Promote co-operation and exchange of experience between new and experienced businesswomen;
5. Promote co-operation with the institutions supporting SMEs in Latvia and abroad;
6. Attract co-financing to the organisation's projects;
7. Organise charity events and other activities.

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